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  • Created 01 Aug 2014

Draft Proposal of FDA/CDRH Medical Device Development Tool

Happy New Year everyone.

A little over two months ago we announced a project to pursue FDA/CDRH Medical Device Development Tool (MDDT) qualification of eeDAP, an evaluation environment for digital and analog pathology, and we intend to document the process with the WSI WG. Please refer to that blog entry for details on the MDDT program and eeDAP (LINK). First and foremost, we believe that eeDAP will be useful to the regulatory evaluation of WSI scanners. Next, we believe that the MDDT qualification process is similar to the FDA/CDRH medical device submission process ... so sharing this process provides a window into the business and culture of the FDA. Finally, we believe that there are other candidate MDDTs in the WSI WG community that could aid in regulatory evaluation of WSI scanners ... so we hope that sharing this process will inspire other MDDT submissions (e.g., phantom slides).


Today we are sharing our draft proposal (LINK). Please check it out. We welcome comments and questions. Send them directly to Brandon Gallas (Link to Profile).
We will submit this proposal at the end of the week (13 Jan. 2017) unless we need more time for revisions based on your comments and questions.


Coming soon: We will need help when our proposal is accepted for a full submission. Most importantly, we will need help collecting the evidence that eeDAP can collect task-based evaluations of tissue features and cell features digitally and on the microscope. We are putting together a collaborative team to conduct 1-3 eeDAP studies to demonstrate its advantages over typical clinical evaluation protocols. The advantage of using eeDAP compared to typical clinical evaluation protocols is that eeDAP studies are fast and customizable, use fewer resources, and yield performance results that are more precise and reproducible. Please contact Brandon Gallas (Link to Profile) to be added to the team.


Brandon D. Gallas
Center For Devices and Regulatory Health
Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Tel: 301-796-2531

Excellent customer service is important to us. Please take a moment to provide feedback regarding the customer service you have received:



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