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  • Created 01 Aug 2014

Pathology Informatics Summit 2015 and the Future of the Working Group

Please tell us what you liked or didn’t like about our meeting and how we are managing the working group. Add your comments, suggestions, praise or criticism. The comment can be anonymous.

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  1. Brandon D. Gallas

    I wasn't on the phone, but I am sure it was not optimal. I apologize to anyone that was trying to participate remotely. I am hoping that we were moderately successful and we will try harder next time.

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  2. Elizabeth Little

    Hi All,

    I found the WSI working group  in Pittsburgh at Path Info to be very helpful and hope we can continue these meetings. Perhaps as a group we could look forward to the next conference that would make sense for us to meet up. There is Pathology Visions in mid October in Boston that might make sense. I would really like to discuss phantom slides for scanner V&V and any other topics that this group could come up with. It is very helpful to have FDA presence at these working groups as I think that the coming together of industry, academia, and FDA drives for the most informative conversations. Any thoughts from others regarding another meetup and topics for discussion?

    It was great to meet some of you at the Path Info conference!



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  3. Anonymous

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    1. saim smith

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  4. Antonia Cummins

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  5. Kevin Adams

    This meeting was excellent  and was good, even how you are managing the working group.

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  8. Debra Jonson

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  9. Alex Klopp

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  15. Rita Gilmore

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