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Make Your Publications Identifiable with the Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

NCI Community Hub members can obtain Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for publications at no cost. A DOI is a serial code used to uniquely identify digital assets, such as publications and other online resources. DOIs allow users to find content referenced in scholarly articles even if the link to a resource is changed over time.

All DOIs have metadata attached to them. The minimal metadata required for obtaining a DOI are automatically derived from the menu-driven submission process for assets within NCI Community Hub and includes title, publisher, publication type, and resource type. 

Follow these steps to obtain a DOI for your publication:

  1. Submit your publication to the NCI Community Hub Projects section.
  2. Before publication submission, go to the Publication Review section. 
  3. In Publishing Settings, select Publish draft.  The publish draft function allows users to assign a new DOI to the publication.
  4. Complete the submission process and save your publication.
  5. Your publication will be reviewed and officially published by the NCI Community Hub administrator. 
  6. Once the publication is published by the administrator, the DOI provided by DataCite will be minted and appear on the page of the publication.

If you have questions about obtaining a DOI on the NCI Community Hub, please submit a support ticket.  


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