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  • Created 25 Jul 2013

What to do when billing 'incident to' is not an option?

  1. Neely Dahl

    Hello - we are currently working with our compliance and billing teams to determine how we could bill for tobacco cessation services. Our facility does not allow 'incident to' billing for cessation services provided by our CTTS. Has anyone found other workarounds in this situation?

    Below is the most recent message given to us:

    "I am not seeing this (tobacco cessation services) as billable in the hospitals provider based clinics as a standalone service.

    • Medicare will only allow billing by qualified health professionals and they currently do not recognize TTS or CTTS in that category.
    • Incident To billing is expressly forbidden under the outpatient prospective payment system."

    Thank you for any assistance provided.

    Neely Dahl, MPH, CTTS

    Supportive Services, Tobacco Treatment Program, Cancer Service Line

    Pronouns: she/her/hers

    UVA Cancer Center

    1240 Lee Street

    Charlottesville, VA 22903

    Office: 434.982.4616 | Cell: 434.566.6376

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