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  • Created 25 Jul 2013

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How to Build Scientific Communities Online Using HUBzero

This is a white paper/publication on the HUB and how one can build online communities using the HUBzero platform. See the tab on supporting documents for a video presentation.

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Learn How to Build Online Scientific Communities via NCIP Hub

Overview of how NCIP Hub can be used to build online scientific communities.

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Learn About Using HUBzero as a Platform for Dissemination and Collaboration in Computational Science and Engineering

The HUBzero cyberinfrastructure lets scientific researchers work together online to develop simulation and modeling tools.

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Seminar on How Hubs Support Education and Research

The past year has seen 40 hubs in operation, serving more than 800,000 visitors from 172 countries. This seminar will demonstrate examples of hubs and how they're being used to support both education and research.

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Watch a Presentation on How the NCIP Hub Moves Cancer Research Forward

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Learn about NCI's Collaboratory for Cancer Researchers

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A Video Tutorial on Uploading Resources

A video guide by HUBzero on uploading resources on Hubs such as NCIP Hub.

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Hub Zero Webinar on Handling Heavy Workloads and Automated Workflows

In this June 2014 NCIP Hub Webinar, we see how to use "workspaces" within the hub to access significant computational power.

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How to Update Databases on NCIP Hub

Overview and demo of the database functionality on NCIP Hub. Further documentation on database functionality is included in the "Supporting Documentation" section.

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