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Third ISC Workshop on HPC Applications in Precision Medicine

June 20, 2019

Frankfurt, Germany


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Current Workshop Program and Schedule



9:00 AM Workshop Welcome  

Workshop Session 1 – Predictive Modeling in Precision Medicine


9:05 AM Topic Area: HPC and Cellular Systems Modeling

Invited Presenter: Paul Macklin (Indiana University)


9:50 AM Topic Area: Data-Driven AI Prediction of Cancer Cell and Tumor Response to Drug Treatments

Invited Presenter: Fangfang Xia  (Argonne National Laboratory)


10:35 AM Title: Scalable Solver for a Multi-Scale Model of Personalized Breast Cancer Therapy

Xioran Lai (University of Oslo), Hakon Tasken (University of Trondheim), Simon Funke (Simula Research Laboratory), Arnoldo Frigessi (University of Oslo), Marie Rognes (Simula Research Laboratory), and Alvaro Kohn-Luque (University of Oslo)


11:05 AM Break


11:40 AM HPC and Drug Discovery Session


Deirdre Olynick (ATOM and University of California San Francisco)

Marco Berghoff (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)


12:30 PM  Workshop Brainstorming and Discussion Session I

HPC in Precision Medicine Brainstorming Topic: Challenge Areas and Opportunities for Predictive Modeling


1:00 PM – Break for Lunch


2:00 PM – Afternoon Welcome


Workshop Session 2 – HPC Applications in Precision Clinical Medicine


2:05 PM – Topic – HPC Analysis of Clinical Information

Invited Presenter: Kerstin Kleese van Dam (Brookhaven National Laboratory)


2:50 PM – Topic – Enabling HPC in Clinical Settings

Invited Presenter: Ole Saastad (University of Oslo)


3:35 PM – Deep Learning for AI-Based Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Medicine

Alexander Tack (Zuse Institute Berlin), Katharina Zeigeler (Charite University Medicine Berlin), Gabriele Armbrecht (Charite University Medicine Berlin), Kay-Geert Hermann (Charite University Medicine Berlin), Stefan Zachow (Zuse Institute Berlin)


4:05 Break


4:30 PM  Open Lightning Talks – Open opportunities for impromptu 5 minute presentations and shared updates by workshop attendees (see workshop organizers to secure a slot)


5:00 PM Workshop Brainstorming and Discussion Session II

Topic: HPC in Precision Medicine: Challenge Areas and Opportunities HPC in Precision Medicine – Research to Clinical Translation and Application


5:30 Concluding Discussion and Workshop Summary: Convergence -  HPC, AI, Big Data and Precision Medicine


6:00 Workshop formally concludes

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