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Cancer Health Disparities | Did You Know?


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Addressing Cancer Disparities Among American Indian and Alaska Native Populations

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OMHRC Knowledge Center Selected New Acquisitions

The Office of Minority Health Resource Center Knowledge Center has developed an extensive collection of documents specifically related to minority populations and behavioral health. Visit the Knowledge Center webpage to see recent publications added to the collection.

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NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms

The NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms features more than 8,000 terms related to cancer and medicine.

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Multiple Myeloma Awareness and African American Disparities

African Americans are not only at twice the risk of developing multiple myeloma when compared to white Americans, they are also more likely to be diagnosed at a younger age. 

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CancerCare Connect Workshops

Leading experts in oncology provide up-to-date information in one-hour educational cancer workshops over the telephone or online. Visit the CancerCare website for a list of upcoming Connect Education Workshops.

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