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eeDAP updates

by Brandon D. Gallas

19 February 2019

eeDAP MDDT Incubator Inquiry Submitted!

Link to original post about eeDAP MDDT Incubator Inquiry

12 February 2019

Link to the full update, including

  • Request for 3D WSI image needing segmentation
  • New manuscript by Brandon highlighting multiple-reader, multiple-case study design and analysis
  • Short update on HTT project

25 Jan 2019

Link to the full update, including

  • Update on eeDAP MDDT: Incubator Inquiry (Draft)
  • High-throughput truthing (HTT) project info

04 May 2018

Collaborators at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have designed and conducted an eeDAP registration accuracy study in their own lab with their own equipment.

05 Oct 2017

Qi Gong’s abstract to SPIE Medical Imaging Conference was accepted.

07 Aug 2017

Qi Gong submitted an abstract to the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference (Link to discussion, Link to abstract, Link to conference info)

18 Jul 2017

Tcon for eeDAP studies group (Link to agenda and minutes)

  • Update from MSKCC on their use of eeDAP
  • Discuss ways to speed up eeDAP
  • Announce some funding opportunities

28 Jun 2017

Tcon for eeDAP studies group (Link to agenda and minutes)

  • Recap the install at MSKCC and discuss summer plans

12 Jun 2017

Tcon for eeDAP studies group (Link to agenda and minutes)

  • Qi Gong presented the registration accuracy studies to the eeDAP studies group for those that could not attend the Pathology Informatics Summit (Link to presentation)
  • Discussed hardware for groups planning to build their own eeDAP system (Link to discussion about hardware)
  • Discussed FDA loaning eeDAP system to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and plans for a mitotic counting study

21 May 2017

Pathology Informatics Summit: updates on eeDAP MDDT progress (Link to folder containing agenda and all presentations)

  • Check out Qi Gong’s presentation on eeDAP registration accuracy studies

14 May 2017

eeDAP MDDT proposal accepted to next phase! (Link to blog item)

Share slides about MDDT program (Link to slides)

05 May 2017

Update to WSI WG, “Can we get approval with technical performance data and no reader studies?” (Link to blog item)

03 May 2017

Tcon for eeDAP studies group (Link to agenda and minutes)

  • Discuss plans for Pathology Informatics
  • Update on MDDT proposal
  • Introduce the concept of a mock submission
  • Update on project members running eeDAP
  • Update on registration accuracy studies

27 Apr 2017

Begin planning update on eeDAP MDDT progress to WSI WG at Pathology Informatics (Link to the blog item)

18 Apr 2017

Tcon for eeDAP studies group (Link to agenda and minutes)

  • Answer big picture questions about this group’s objectives

11 Apr 2017

FDA begins registration accuracy studies (Link to Wiki discussion)

03 Apr 2017

Tcon for newly created eeDAP studies group (Link to agenda and minutes)

  • Introductions and project objectives
  • Pathology Informatics Plan
  • Action Items
  • Technical Performance of eeDAP

23 Jan 2017

Proposal submitted (Link to blog item)

13 Jan 2017

Create NCIPhub group page for disseminating eeDAP MDDT materials and organizing efforts (Link to NCIPhub group page)

09 Jan 2017

Share a draft proposal of the eeDAP MDDT submission (Link to blog item)

21 Oct 2016

Announced the intention to submit eeDAP to the MDDT program to the WSI WG (Link to blog item).

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