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eeDAP update 20180918

by Brandon D. Gallas

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Hi All,

Some of you know that I presented at the Computational Pathology Workshop at the European Congress of Pathology last week. I wanted to share my slides with you. They discuss the evaluation of image-based algorithms at the FDA, research from the last year, and my research plans. These plans include the development of use cases and validation data (images plus annotations). I’m drafting a project proposal for internal funding that I will also share in the near future … it is due Oct. 19. Hopefully some of you might be interested in collaborating.

Anyhow, below is a blurb that I have been sharing with people that have followed up with me after the conference. It includes a link to the slides. –

Thanks for asking about my work. I’m glad you are interested. Let me first invite you to join the WSI working group ( It is open to anyone and free. I push info to this group from time to time: relevant FDA information, upcoming meetings, and other scientific events and information (check out the blog). Don’t worry, though, the emails don’t come very often (Iess than 1 per month on average). I don’t want your cranial neural network to flag the emails as spam. In order to join the group, you’ll have to create an account at (an NCI funded collaboratory portal for cancer research). So you know, if you are doing cancer related research, you can create your own groups and projects on NCIPhub. Thank you to the U.S. National Cancer Informatics Program!

You can find my slides from the European Congress of Pathology in the WSIWG wiki. Here is the link:

I intend to send an announcement about the slides to the WSIWG soon and present them again as a WebEx. If you are a member of the WSIWG, you will get this announcement and the information for the WebEx. Since some of you asked for more information on our work (reader studies and WSI technical performance), I am talking with my colleagues about sharing our FY2019 internal funding proposals that we are drafting now. This will be a good opportunity for feedback or to collaborate.

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