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Study FDA-MSKCC 14-head Microscope: Plans

We are planning to execute the reader study on a 14-head microscope at MSKCC. Tentative Schedule:

  • 9/13: Qi arrives by train evening.
  • 9/14: Qi sets up 14-head microscope. Allow all day to make sure no problems.
  • 9/15: Reader study to truth the FOV’s of current study. Start at 10am. 2 hours (enough?).
  • 9/15: Qi travels to CSHL in the early afternoon.
  • 9/16: Qi sets up new eeDAP system and returns home in the evening.

While talking with Yukako, it became clear to me that part of the goal of a reader “study” on the 14-head microscope is to train, discuss, and identify “true” mitoses in the regions of interest (ROIs) of the current study on the single-head microscope. I put the term “study” in quotes, because we are combining the current counting study with the other objectives that are about training and truthing. The workflows for such a study are not all developed in eeDAP, especially since we have multiple readers at one time. Consequently, paper case report forms will likely be included.

Here is a draft sketch of the plan: FDA-MSKCCmultiHead.docx (2 MB, uploaded by Brandon D. Gallas 5 years 7 months ago)

Action items:

  • 14-head microscope
    • What is the field number?
    • Can a reticle be placed in the optical path so that it appears in all 14 eyepieces?
    • Is there a pointing device? What does it look like? What is the part number? Does it appear in all 14 eyepieces? Does it show up in the camera image? (How does it work?)
  • Data collected so far
    • Please send all the data and all the annotations collected so far.
    • Do we need an upload/download location or can the annotations fit in an email?
    • How many readers have completed case set 1 and 2 on the microscope and WSI.
    • How many readers created annotations pointing to the detected mitoses?
    • What is the largest number of counts observed in an ROI?
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