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Registraton Accuracy: FDA preliminary study

Here is an overview of a registration precision study that we are performing at FDA. This is some expanded detail on the first study proposed earlier by Marios and Brandon here. The idea is to measure the distance-from-center on the microscope (reticle with ruler), to a feature that is visually apparent and centered on the digital image.

  • 4 slides different pathologies
    • 10 ROI on each slide, with clear center feature
      • 3 measurements of each feature, with different eeDAP settings (initial landing, focus + fast, focus + best)
  • Then shut it all down and repeat 5 times. Perform high resolution registration before each repeat.
    • 4×10×3×5 = 600 measurements
  • Our first test is ongoing for a small preliminary subset; FDA team will post updates here soon.

    -Ben Berman, FDA Research Fellow, 19 April 2017

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