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High-throughput Truthing - Year 1 Report

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Summary (4/2018-4/2019)

In recent years, “grand challenges” have been organized that offer algorithm developers an opportunity to compare computer algorithms on a common set of images in a controlled public setting. We plan to leverage the materials, results, and expertise produced by challenges that are based on WSI images. Two of our collaborators are the challenge organizers of and Using the glass slides from the challenges, we plan to design, execute, and analyze studies with pathologists that will yield regulatory-grade performance results and a template for the evidence module of an FDA submission. We will do this in the public domain so that the public and scientific community (PICC) will benefit along with the challenge participants and PLCC. This work is a natural evolution of the PI’s efforts to nurture a community for discussing topics related to technical and pathologist performance using WSI images ( ) and the Medical Device Development Tool qualification of the enabling technology eeDAP ( ). The work will speed access to safe and effective state-of-the-art computer algorithms to help pathologists provide patients with better information.


  • FDA Internal Funding: Critical Path

Link to proposal plan: gallasHighThroughputTruthingDigiPath-noBudget.pdf (1012 KB, uploaded by Brandon D. Gallas 1 year 5 months ago)

  • FY18 Q3 Project Report:

The FDA Critical Program Office asked me to fill out a project report (milestones and metrics). It seems like a good thing to share this with the project collaborators and why not the world. Here it is: CPscorecardFY18-Q3public-final.pdf (52 KB, uploaded by Brandon D. Gallas 1 year 5 months ago)

There are necessary logistical things that have started and need to continue to move forward (MTAs, CRADAs, etc), and some interesting and fun science coming our way (studies to design and execute). Please refer to the wiki page and the FY2018-Q3 report. We are very appreciative of the support received so far and hope everyone will continue to help moving forward.

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