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HTT update 20190212

by Brandon D. Gallas

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Subject of this announcement:

  • Request for 3D WSI image needing segmentation
  • New manuscript by Brandon highlighting multiple-reader, multiple-case study design and analysis
  • Short update on HTT project

Request for 3D WSI needing segmentation: My colleagues have started building a research area around augmented reality, virtual reality, and medical imaging devices. They are looking for 3D WSIs that they can use in their research to investigate a registration task. If you know of any publicly available data (or easily shared), we would really like to know.

New manuscript: A few of you have suggested that the group might like to see a recent publication by my colleagues and I: “Impact of prevalence and case distribution in lab-based diagnostic imaging studies,” (doi: 10.1117/1.JMI.6.1.015501). There were five lab-based studies with study populations that differed in terms of breast cancer prevalence and the distribution of non-cancer patients (screening vs. challenging). Twenty radiologists participated in each study. The studies demonstrated modern methods in study design, data collection, and analysis tools that offer improvements in terms of statistical efficiency and data quality. Supplementary materials, including the data and analysis scripts, are available at

I’ll also take this moment to share a paper by my colleagues that others have also asked about, “Evaluation of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis as Replacement of Full-Field Digital Mammography Using an In Silico Imaging Trial.” I hope you enjoy it.

Short update on HTT project: We are going through some growing pains as we figure out how to structure the project, leverage the contributions people have volunteered, and start moving forward. Often, the glue for holding a project together is handled within the structure of a grant or some research agreement. Whatever the mechanism, we are drafting more detail on the deliverables, tasks, and timeline. The goal is to distribute the effort and provide structure for people to participate and contribute. Additionally, we will be pursuing funding. We hope to provide an update soon and start having regular T-cons.

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