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HTT update 20181106

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Hi Everyone,

I’ve got a very long to-do list and I need your help. Many of you “signed up” to help with a letter of support, but I grew the circle of collaborators at this early stage so I didn’t miss anyone that voiced support.

So that I don’t continue to spam anyone, I need to (ultimately) move communications to Please join this group NOW.

The site is a great way to communicate and collaborate. I have archived my previous emails to the wiki, as well as the HTT project proposal and list of collaborators. If you don’t want to be a publicly listed collaborator, let me know.

Below is my current to-do list. I am assigning some of you to certain to-do items, but I invite all to join and contribute. I can’t do this by myself. I need your help. If you see your name, please click the link to the corresponding poll and fill it out before Friday so that I can set meeting times in 2018. (try to choose 11am: good time for Europe to California)

  • USCAP data-collection event (March 18-20): This is a tremendous opportunity for a low-cost (local to FDA) high-throughput data-collection opportunity. I don’t have any budget yet. I need my well-connected collaborators to connect and endorse this project to the USCAP decision makers. Urgent to start.
  • Use-case dev. & data-collection protocol: We have world experts on the evaluation of TILs and their prognostic potential. We will distill the work of Roberto’s working group into a succinct use-case definition and data-collection protocol. Chance to share rough draft at Roberto’s meeting Dec. 6.
    • POLL for meeting times
    • Roberto Salgado
    • Darren Treanor
    • Maschenka Balkenhol
    • John Tomaszewski
    • Joel Saltz
    • Anant Madabhushi
    • Laura Coombs
  • Infrastructure: We need to start setting up pipelines for providing images and annotation tools to collaborating pathologists and controlled (digital) data-collection work flows.
  • Project plan: Many of you may have offered your support based on my elevator pitch. I’d like to review the proposal, the plan.
  • Before long, I will also engage you on specimen sourcing, algorithm support (to help design studies), stats, recruiting readers, data-collection event #2 (@ FDA?), and crowdsourcing.

    As always, I invite you to contact me by phone or email for additional questions and please join

    Brandon D. Gallas, PhD Mathematician Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, and Software Reliability (DIDSR) Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories (OSEL) Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) 10903 New Hampshire Ave, WO-62 Rm 4104, Silver Spring, MD 20993 Email: Phone: 301-796-2531

    Excellent customer service is important to us. We appreciate your feedback. Please complete a brief survey here

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