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High-throughput Truthing - Year 1 Collaborators


Below is a list of the teams that are working together on the design, execution, and analysis of feature studies using eeDAP. Every team is participating at there own degree and pace.
Active Teams have developed objectives and tentative plans to do an eeDAP study.
Participating Teams are either developing objectives and plans or simply want to participate in discussions related to the developing eeDAP studies.

Brandon Gallas compiled this list and each team is described at a different level of detail. Team members are encouraged to update their personal and team information. This is a wiki. You are encouraged to edit. Please update.

Active Teams

FDA Team Lead: Brandon Gallas, PhD, Team and Objectives
FDA/CDRH/OSEL/Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, and Software review
Silver Spring, MD

  • We have run eeDAP in digital and microRT modes.
  • Study on multi-head microscope at MSKCC, November 2017
  • MSKCC Team Lead: Yukako Yagi, PhD, Team and Objectives
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    New York, NY

    • Have an eeDAP system on loan from FDA (Link to MTA).
    • Have conducted eeDAP studies in collaboration with FDA team, including a study on a 14-head microscope. See links above.

    CSHL Lead: Mitra Partha, PhD, Team and Objectives
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Cold Spring Harbor, NY

    • Have bought and installed eeDAP system.

    Participating Teams

    Inspirata Team Lead: James Monaco, PhD, Team and Objectives
    Inspirata, Inc.
    Tampa, FL

    NCI Team Lead: Stephen Hewitt, MD, PhD, Team and Objectives
    NIH/NCI/CCR/Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics
    Rockville, MD

    Leeds Team Lead: Darren Treanor, MD, Team and Objectives
    Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and University of Leeds
    Leeds, UK

    Philips Team Lead: Liselotte Kornmann, PhD, Team and Objectives
    Philips Digital Pathology Solutions
    Best, Netherlands

    • We have downloaded eeDAP and run in digital mode.

    IIT Team Lead: Joseph Jayaraj, PhD, Team and Objectives
    IIT, Indian Institutes of Technology
    Chennai, India

    • We have downloaded eeDAP and run in digital mode, including launching ImageScope.

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