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HTT Data Collection

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HTT Start Data Collection

Before You Begin

  • Make sure that you have completed the required training.
  • View the Informed Consent form for information about the study purpose, what you will be asked to do as a participant, and the potential risks and benefits. You will be asked to agree to this when you log into the digital platforms.

Complete the Steps Below to Start the HTT Data Collection:

1. Register with the HTT Project (Participant Survey)

  • We will not reveal your identity or contact information, but we need to know who you are and your qualifications. The pilot study is open to any board-certified pathologists or residents, or equivalent, from anywhere in the world. If we don’t know your qualifications, we may not be able to use your data.
  • Register HERE

2. Read the Requirements and Reminders when Collecting Data

  • Please do the batches in random order. Click here to visit a random number generator that will provide you a batch reading order.
  • We would appreciate it if some pathologists repeat annotations on the same batches on caMicroscope and PathPresenter, with a pause of two weeks in between (washout). This data paired across the platforms is valuable for understanding reproducibility and the impact of the viewing/annotating platform.
  • If you have any issues or questions, contact us !

3. Start Collecting Data

CLICK HERE to use the Path Presenter platform
CLICK HERE to use the caMicroscope platform

4. Complete the Exit Survey

Under development.

Click Here for More Ways to Get Involved

Stay Connected:

For questions about involvement or to join our communications network, email:
Katherine Elfer, Ph.D MPH, (, Project Coordinator, or
Brandon Gallas, Ph.D, (, Project Lead

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