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Get Involved:

Goal: High Throughput Truthing of microscope slides to validate artificial intelligence algorithms analyzing digital scans of pathology slides: data (images + annotations) as an FDA-qualified medical device development tool (MDDT).

To achieve this goal, we need more pathologist annotations on existing slides, sites willing to host in-person data-collection events, and sharing of physical slides to review during the data-collection events. Please see below for instructions on how to contribute:

Digital Data Collection:

  • We are looking for data collectors (pathologists and pathology residents) to provide annotations on our digital platforms: Path Presenter and caMicroscope.

In-Person Data Collection:

  • We are recruiting in-person data collectors and host sites for collecting microscope-mode data using the eeDAP platform. We want to plan and execute data-collection events, meet pathologists, and crowdsource their expertise.

Sourcing Glass Microscope Slides:

  • We are sourcing glass microscope slides of breast cancer biopsies for our pivotal study (triple negative breast cancer). We’d like to identify at least one more U.S. site that can provide slides.
  • Here is our page related to research collaboration agreements (RCAs). You can find
    • a template research plan for a Research Collaboration Agreement
    • and summaries of our Stony Brook and Emory RCAs.

Other ways to Get Involved:

  • Spread the word and recruit colleagues to participate in online data collection! Please share this recruiting advertisement: HERE. We are especially looking for collaborators that can help us connect with pathologist colleges, societies, and associations, and related conferences.
  • We are also looking for help creating a Continuing Medical Education course in conjunction with this project

To contact us with any questions or join our efforts: Contact Us HERE

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