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20170612 Tcon Agenda Minutes

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Please check out previous announcements on hardware.

We mainly discussed registration accuracy. I summarized that discussion here.

We also discussed the eeDAP study to start at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Installation of hardware is expected to happen June 20, but there is some paper work that is not quite complete. Both parties are working to make it happen as planned. We will discuss that experience at our next T-con.

The current study plan is as follows: 4 slides, 10 FOV’s per slide, size of FOV is 200 um x 200 um = .04 mm^2. The primary question Brandon had was about the size of the FOV for counting mitoses. The FOV sizes in the plan are about 1/6 the size of a high-powered FOV. Joe (MSKCC) said this should be ok since the pathologists are not expected to decide where to count.

Our next item to deal with is rewriting the eeDAP MDDT. If anyone has anything else to discuss, let Brandon know.

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