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Minutes and Action Items from T-con 20170403

I have written some minutes to the last meeting here

Only a few people have responded to the T-con invite. Please check your schedule and respond soon so that I can determine how many people will participate.


=Action Items=

 * Start detailing eeDAP study plans and protocols. Let's see if we can't start with the STARD checklist and tune it to our needs

    * Bossuyt2015_Radiology_vp151516


    * In the near future, I would like to partner teams for protocol development, this will include teams in the eeDAP studies group and members of the larger WSI WG.

 * It is time to download and test drive eeDAP in digital mode. Depending on readiness, it is time to also set up and test drive eeDAP in microRT mode (microscope real-time mode).

    * GitHub site for eeDAP:

    * Download eeDAP from the release page:

    * Documentation at:

    * Please start on your own using the documentation. Let us know if you need more help. Let us know the documentation deficiencies and issues at

    * Qi Gong and I are ready to help. We can get on the phone to help, share screens.

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  1. Martha Woodard

    I could not really understand the minutes that you made. Try not using aussie writings next time so that it is easier for non natives to understand what you are writings. Although it is a good effort.

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