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The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Drug Resistance and Sensitivity Network (DRSN) (U54) was developed to conduct preclinical research focused on innovative strategies to understand and combat mechanisms of tumor resistance (intrinsic or acquired) and/or to exploit tumor sensitivity to anti-cancer therapies. The DRSN is a critical preclinical component to NCI’s clinical drug development and its research has clear translational potential to inspire and aid the development of novel therapeutic strategies in clinical settings.  The DRSN is a part of the Cancer Moonshot initiative, which aims to accelerate cancer research and make more therapies available to patients. One of the goals of the Drug Resistance and Sensitivity Steering Committee will be to help shape the DRSN into an entity that can easily coordinate and benefit from interactions with the PDXNet, Moonshot Biobank, Patient-Derived Models Biorepository, and other Moonshot and Precision Medicine activities. For more information about the DRSN, please see the NCI U54 DRSN Funding Opportunity Announcement (RFA-CA-17-009)

The DRSN is comprised of five consortia:




For more information about the NCI DRSN, please contact Tami Tamashiro (

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