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Image result for images for cancer analyticsThe Second ECICC Community MicroLab on Cancer Challenges and Advanced Computing was held on September 25, 2019!

  • What is a MicroLab? MicroLabs are 60-90 minute, highly interactive, virtual events. Unlike webinars which are focused on disseminating information, the purpose of MicroLabs is to facilitate stimulating scientific discussions in smaller more intimate virtual breakout groups.

  • A multi-disciplinary group of over 100 clinicians, researchers, and academics in cancer and computational sciences participated in our second virtual, ECICC Community MicroLab on September 25, 2019!

  • Building on the breakout discussions from the first MicroLab held in June 2019, participants developed use cases for real-life situations and then identified what research challenges need to be overcome. The use cases were based on various personae derived from the 4 cancer challenge areas developed at the Envisioning Computational Innovations for Cancer Challenges (ECICC) Scoping Meeting held in March 2019.


MicroLab Presentations:


Presenters Included (partial list):

  • MicroLab Origins

    • Emily Greenspan, National Cancer Institute

  • Generating Large-Scale Synthetic Data to protect Personally Identifiable Information

    • Nick Anderson, University of California, Davis

    • Bill Richards, Brigham And Women's Hospital / Harvard University

  • Using Machine Learning for Iterative Hypothesis Generation

    • Amber Simpson, Queen’s University 

  • Creating a Cancer Patient “Digital Twin” to optimize personalized treatment decision-making

    • Tina Hernandez-Boussard, Stanford University

    • Paul Macklin, Indiana University

  • Developing Adaptive Cancer Treatments targeting unique tumor characteristics and trajectories

    • John McPherson, University of California, Davis

  • Use Case Demonstration

    • Paul Macklin, Indiana University


If you are interested in learning more -- or joining -- this multi-disciplinary community, please contact 


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