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Cancer Biology Short Course

Sponsored by the University of Puerto Rico (UPR)/MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) U54 PACHE Partnership's Education Core, this credit-bearing course (BCHM 8995) is offered every other year at the UPR-Medical Sciences Campus. This course contains all of the presentations. Please read through the presentations as a self-paced learning module and check out what you have learned by taking our brief online quiz.

  1. anal cancer
  2. breast cancer
  3. cancer biology
  4. colorectal cancer
  5. genetics
  6. The Cancer Gemome Atlas
  7. tumor progression

Acknowledgements: This course is supported by the National Cancer Institute through the U54 CA096297/CA096300: UPR/MDACC Partnership for Excellence in Cancer Research Education Core.


2015 Cancer Biology Short Course
Codification:  BCHM 8995

Sponsoring Institutions: University of Puerto Rico System, University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

UPR Course Co-Coordinator:  Pablo Vivas, Ph.D.
UT/MDACC Course Co-Coordinator:   Elizabeth Travis, PhD
UPR/MDACC U54 Training and Education Cores Co-Leaders:  Reynold Lopez, MD and Elizabeth Travis, Ph.D.

Target audience:  Junior and senior undergraduate students, medical students, and graduate students

Contact Hours:  30
Credits: 2 credit hours, registration required; Special Topics in Cancer Biology BCHM 8995

Description: Introductory level course composed of lectures in the biology of cancer for upper level undergraduate, pre-medical students, medical students, and pre-candidacy graduate students. The Course covers concepts in cancer biology ranging from basic cell biology to translational applications of cancer biology.

Registration:  Pre-registration is required.  Students from other UPR campuses (except UPR-Medical Sciences Campus) and the Ponce School of Medicine will need to request and have a “special permit” signed by a liaison from the corresponding campus.   Registration fees are the same cost for credit as those for all regular courses at the UPR - Medical Sciences Campus.  The registration process will be completed during the registration period for the 2015 Spring Semester.

Final Scores:    Undergraduate students will receive a grade A to F: Graduates score will be either Pass or Fail








Day 1:

Development and Progression of Cancer


Course Introduction, Principles and Pathology of Cancer 

3.0 hours

David McConkey Ph.D



Signaling Pathways and Aberrant Cell Signaling in Cancer

3.0 hours

Pedro G. Santiago-Cardona PhD




Clinical Translational Correlation  Breast Cancer

1.5 hours

Edna Mora, MD


DAY 2:

Genetics related to the Biology of Cancer


Epigenetic Regulation and Cancer

3.0 hours

Michele Barton, PhD



TCGA The Cancer Genome Atlas

3.0 hours

Tim Heffernan PhD



Clinical translational correlation  Leukemia

1.5 hours

Maribel Tirado MD


DAY 3:

Mouse Models and Tumor Microenvironment


The mouse as a model for studying the p53 tumor suppressor pathway

3.0 hours

Gigi Lozano PhD



Tumor microenvironment and metastases

5.0 hours

Raghu Kalluri PhD




Clinical Translational Correlations and Immunology


Clinical Translational Correlation - Colorectal Cancer

1.5 hour

Marcia Cruz-Correa, MD



Anal Cancer & HPV; Overview of PR Registry &Stats

1.5 hour

Ana Patricia-Ortiz, PhD



Genetic Ancestry and Breast Cancer

1.0 hour

Julie Dutil, PhD



The Immune System and Cancer

3.0 hours

Willem Overwijk PhD




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