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Creating a Collaboration Group

Collaboration groups can be used to privately share data with colleagues. At this time, data shared with colleagues can be found by group members using the search function. Members must know the name of the shared caNanoLab sample, protocol, or publication.

To create a new collaboration group:

1. On the Manage Collaboration Groups page, click Add corresponding to New Collaboration Group.
The Collaboration Group Information panel opens at the bottom of the page.

2. Enter a Name and Description for the group.

3. To add a user to a group, click Add next to User Login.

4. Click Search and all users are loaded in the drop-down list.

5. When the third column is loaded, enter the user name that you want to add.
The field populates or matches the user name in the User Login field (text and third column). 

6.  From the Access to the Group selection, specify read (only) or read-update-delete access for a user.

7. Click Save, and the user is added to the group's list. 
To modify a selection, click the Edit link next to each person's login name.

8. Once you add all of the users to the group, click Submit
The group is now shown on the Manage Collaboration Groups page.

See caNanoLab User Guide for instructions how to create and mange collaboration groups.

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