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Did you know you can display an index of wiki pages as the main wiki page within a Group Wiki?

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    Lisa Mahoney

    Users can do this using macros:

    1. To display all pages type the macro:

    [[TitleIndex()]] (notice nothing inside the parenthesis)

    2. To create an index alphabetically ordered include a letter in the [[TitleIndex()]] macro and repeat for all letters:




    3. To create a wiki index by category, insert the name of the category in the [[TitleIndex()]] Macro. For example, if there are several Wiki pages all that start with the word Genome, then all the Genome wiki articles will be listed under the heading Genome by entering the following:


    4. To create a Table of Contents with a list of all headings and subheadings that includes links to help navigate, insert the [[TableOfContents]] Macro.

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