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Brandon D. Gallas

What is a project?

I don't see any documentation on projects?

What is a project? What can I do within a project? How does a project look?

I am planning a survey of my members and I want a way to receive the responses, organize and consolidate them, and then summarize. I thought I would post something in the forum, and receive the completed survey's via comments. However, I don't want every completed survey to spam everyone's mailboxes: too much. Suggestions?


brandon gallas


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    Projects is a project-management tool and helps manage data/files, workflow and communications in a project team. Projects can be accessed by going to You can read in more detail about all project features by going to /projects/features. When you create a project (from your dashboard) or from within a group you get a Git-based repository, a Wiki area, and ability to manage To-do lists amongst other things.  Additionally a project can be connected to a google drive to enable collaborative editing of project files; see documentation on how to set up the sync at

    We are happy to discuss and suggest ways to accomplish your specific need.

    NCIP Hub Administrator

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